I generated and curated 5000 pictures with AI every single day from June 21st — Nov 27th, 2022.

AI Everydays: The First 5000





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Venezuelan-born, Miami-based Moises Sanabria is an interdisciplinary artist whose work extends dialectics of machine philosophy alongside trends in memetics and branding through the context of networked social-media life. Moises' work is philosophical and political, joining academic aesthetics with internet meme cultures. His practice is deeply entangled with digital newness, using live-streaming, video, new media, machine learning, and installation to further connect science advancement with art.

Moises co-founded the new artificial intelligence media channel AI24 Live. Previously, he was an active member and co-founder of the digital art collective ART404 (Artnotfound) from 2011 to 2019. Moises attended the School of Poetic Computation and the Cooper Union in New York. He has exhibited at Transmediale 2k+12, Hause Der Kulturen Der Welt (Berlin), Institute of Contemporary Art Miami, Bikini Wax Gallery (Mexico City) and has participated in group exhibitions internationally.

Moises Sanabria

AI Everydays: The First 5000


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“AI Everydays: The First 5000” is an AI conceptual artwork that reflects on the speed of contemporary algorithmic production and the artist's role in automation. The piece features a combinatorial projection of emerging technologies rendered as a cartographic dataset mapping speculative futures. With this work, I investigate the trending impact of artificial intelligence on visual culture through automation and abstraction. The piece is a symbolic representation of AI-enabled labor that allows me to operate simultaneously as an individual and a factory. The discrete daily generations are curated and sorted into a birds-eye view aesthetic gradient using unsupervised clustering algorithms.
As a premise to mathematize, paint, and question the imagination space enabled by large language models, a curated lexicon of word embeddings ranging from the attention economy and internet fiction to the everyday comprise the generations. The 5,000 images that compose the artwork as a single NFT comment on the speed of creative acceleration and the accessible imagination space attainable using diffusion models.  The work's title and display borrow the presentation format of the human-made“Everydays: The First 5,000” NFT by the artist Beeple. In this regard, artificial intelligence enables the conceptual gesture to appropriate and generate an output in the scale of a decade oeuvre.  AI tools advance us towards mass prosumption, changing our relationship to language and images daily, blurring the collaboration boundary between humans and AI models. To see the speed of change in intelligence, one must zoom out of each neural creation to perceive the uncanny valley we live in and adopt daily.